Mariscat Press publishes mainly poetry pamphlets, usually three or four a year, so please don’t send full collections. We would suggest sending either a sample of six poems at least or twenty poems at most.

It’s hard to say what we look for in submissions. Like any other press we publish poetry that moves/excites us and that demonstrates craft and a flair for language—if there’s humour or wit involved, all the better. Our preference is for concrete over abstract—no ideas but in things. We seem to have a bias towards Scottish poets but that’s more circumstantial than intentional—based in Edinburgh, we feel we can do more for them. You couldn’t do better than to read some of our publications to see the sort of poetry we like.

Please send hard copy, rather than email submissions, together with a stamped, self-addressed envelope, to

Mariscat Press, 10 Bell Place, Edinburgh EH3 5HT

We would hope to get back to you within three months.