Imogen Forster – The Grass Boat

Our bodies press grass flat, the way
I’m told hares make their forms
in fields: shallow, too easily erased.

Breathing seeds and stems, I see
we’ve made an outline in the grass,
the space a little rowing boat would fill.

I’m unafraid to leave the place
behind, to think there may not
be a boat when I come back. I have learned

a thing can both exist and not exist;
I understand I have created for myself
this boat, and that I’m sailing in it.

from ‘The Grass Boat’

‘In these poems with their innate musicality, versatile verse forms and meticulous eye for detail, Imogen Forster doesn’t depict just the natural world and our place in it, but, captivatingly, the complex pattern of premonitions and propitiations that govern our lives.’ Stewart Conn

The Grass Boat is Imogen Forster’s first gathering of poems, which have appeared in many online and print publications. She has worked as a teacher, librarian, journalist and translator. She lives in Edinburgh.

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