Diana Hendry, Where I Was

The Catholic Church with the priestie's house tucked behind.
The sandhills, aeons old, blown in from the sea which is
out there meeting the sky. The seagulls belonging to both.
A view of the main road and the double-decker on which
I glimpse the boy I love coming home from school.

'From the window'

Diana Hendry’s Where I Was is her first pamphlet for Mariscat since her acclaimed Twelve Lilts: Psalms and Responses. This sequence of poems is a kind of ‘I remember, I remember’ portrait of the house in the Wirral where she grew up in the post-war years. The house speaks to the child and the child speaks to the house. The novelist and poet Elizabeth Cook has described the poems as ‘pungent and mysterious and deeply evocative.’

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