Complete List: 1982 – present

David NeilsonXII from Catullus (1982)
Edwin Morgan, Grendel (poem card, 1982)
Edwin Morgan, Grafts/Takes (1983)
Gael Turnbull, From the Language of the Heart (1983)
John Barnie, Borderland (1983)
John Barnie, December (poem card, 1983)
Brian McCabe, Spring’s Witch (1984) [SAC Book Award]
Edwin Morgan, Sonnets from Scotland (1984) [SAC Book Award]
Gael Turnbull,  A Year and a Day (1985) [journal]
Fiona Pitt-Kethley, The Tower of Glass (1985)
Carl MacDougall, Elvis is Dead (1986) [fiction]
Edwin Morgan, From the Video Box (1986)
Christopher Salvesen, Among the Goths (1986)
Robbie Kydd, … Auld Zimmery (1987) [fiction/Shortlisted for Saltire First Book Award]
Edwin Morgan, Tales from Limerick Zoo (1988)
Edwin Morgan, Hold Hands among the Atoms (1991)
Douglas Lipton, The Stone Sleeping-Bag (1993)
Gael Turnbull, For Whose Delight (1995)
Edwin Morgan transl., St Columba, The Maker on High (1997)
James McGonigal, Driven Home (1998)
A.L. Kennedy, Absolutely Nothing (1998)
Edwin Morgan, Demon (1999)
Raymond Friel & Richard Price, Renfrewshire in Old Photographs (2000)
Brian Whittingham, The Old Man from Brooklyn & The Charing Cross Carpet (2000)
Valerie Thornton, Catacoustics (2000)
Gael Turnbull, Might a Shape of Words (2000) [Shortlisted for Callum Macdonald Award]
Gerry Loose, Eitgal (2001)
Gerrie Fellows, The Duntroon Toponymy (2001)
Donny O’Rourke, On a Roll: A Jena Notebook (2001)<
Edwin Morgan transl., Attila Jozsef, Sixty Poems (2001)
Graham Fulton, Ritual Soup and other liquids (2002)
Janice Galloway, boy book see (2002)
Diana Hendry, Twelve Lilts: Psalms & Responses (2003) [Shortlisted for CMMA]
Edwin Morgan, Love and a Life (2003)
Alison Prince, The Whifflet Train (2003) [Runner-up Callum Macdonald Memorial Award]
Anna Crowe, A Secret History of Rhubarb (2004)
James McGonigal, Passage/An Pasaiste (2004)
Gael Turnbull, Dividings (2004)
Diana Hendry & Tom Pow, Sparks! (2005)
Edwin Morgan, Tales from Baron Munchausen (2005)
David Kinloch, Tom Leonard, Edwin Morgan, Alan Spence et al, Into Glasgow: translations and responses (2006)
Ian McDonough, The Vanishing Hitchhiker (2006)
Stewart Conn, The Loving-Cup (2007)
Donald Mackay, Kept in the Dark (2007)
Jim C. Wilson, Paper Run (2007)
Angela McSeveney, Slaughtering Beetroot (2008)
Diana Hendry, Late Love & Other Whodunnits (2008) With Peterloo Poets
Lesley Harrison, One Bird Flying (2009)
Susie Maguire, How to Hug (2009)
Anna Crowe, Figure in a Landscape (2010) [Winner Callum Macdonald Award/PBS Pamphlet Choice] Edwin Morgan, Dreams and Other Nightmares (2010)
R.V. Bailey, The Losing Game (2010)
Valerie Thornton, If Only Coll Were Two Floors Down (2010)
James McGonigal, Cloud Pibroch (2010) [Winner Michael Marks Poetry Award / PBS Pamphlet Choice]
Gael Turnbull, Amorous Greetings (2011)
Douglas Dunn, Invisible Ink (2011) [shortlisted for Michael Marks Poetry Award]
Jim Carruth, Working the Hill (2011)
Jane McKie, Garden of Bedsteads (2011) [Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice]
Angela McSeveney, Still Bristling (2012)
Donald Mackay, On Time (2012) [shortlisted for Callum Macdonald Memorial Award]
D. Hendry & H. Whyte, eds, Cat’s Whiskers: 30 years of Mariscat Press (2012)
Stewart Conn, Estuary (2012)
Lesley Harrison, Beyond the Map (2012)
Linda Anderson, Greenhouse (2013)
Anna Crowe, Finding my Grandparents in the Peloponnese (2013)
Diana Hendry, The Seed-Box Lantern: New & Selected Poems  (2013)
U.A. Fanthorpe, In a Highland Giftshop (2013)
Michele Roberts, The Hunter’s House  (2013)
Christine De LucaDat Trickster Sun  (2014) [shortlisted for Michael Marks Poetry Award]
Hugh McMillan, The Other Creatures in the Wood  (2014)
Jim Carruth, Prodigal  (2014) [Winner Callum Macdonald Memorial Award]
Ian McDonough, A Witch among the Gooseberries (2014)[Runner-up CMMA]
D Hendry & H Whyte, Green Fire & Bright Hopes: 12 Poems for Christmas  (2014)
Timothy E. G. Bartel, Arroyos  (2015)
Eveline Pye, Smoke That Thunders  (2015)
Lindy Barbour, Where You Start From  (2015) [Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice]
Jackie Kay, The Empathetic Store  (2015)
Lesley Glaister, Visiting the Animal (2015)
Stewart Conn, Against the Light (2016)
Tom Pow, At the Well of Love  (2016)
Isobel Dixon, The Leonids  (2016)
Frank Ormsby, The Parkinson’s Poems (2016) [Poetry Book Society Pamphlet Choice]
Jane McKie, From The Wonder Book of Would You Believe It? (2016)
Alyson Hallett, Toots (2017) [shortlisted for Michael Marks Poetry Award]
D.M. Black, The Bi-Plane and other poems (2017)
James McGonigal, Turning Over in a Strange Bed: poems/translations (2017)
Gina Wilson, It Was and It Wasn’t (2017) [shortlisted for Michael Marks Poetry Award]
Michael Stephenson, Starsailor (2019)
Michael Longley, A Stream’s Tattle (2019)
Vicki Husband, Sykkel Saga (2019)
Mary Robinson, Alphabet Poems (2019)
Lesley Glaister, Nub (2019)
Dilys Rose, Stone the Crows (2020)
Richie McCaffery, First Hare (2020)
Diana Hendry, Where I Was (2020)
John Glenday, The Firth (2020)
Imogen Forster, The Grass Boat (2021)
Leontia Flynn, Nina Simone is Singing (2021)
Christine De Luca, Veeve (2021)
Hugo Williams, Badlands (2021)
Tom Pow, Svetlana’s Dance (2022)
Stewart Conn, Underwood (2022)
Peter Carpenter, Tintoretto’s Angels (2022)
Blake Morrison, Skin & Blister (2023)
Sadie Maskery, Love Shanty (2023)

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Edwin Morgan transl., Robert Baston, The Battle of Bannockburn (2004) with the Scottish Poetry Library and Akros Publications.
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