Welcome to the website of Mariscat Press and Hamish Whyte. Here you’ll find information about Hamish Whyte as a poet, including details of and samples from his books, as well as samples of Mariscat Press publications and ordering and submission guides.

Mariscat Press

Mariscat is now one of the longest running self-funded small presses in Scotland, known for its tastefully designed publications and a quality backlist which includes work by figures such as Douglas Dunn, Diana Hendry and Brian McCabe, as well as numerous publications by Edwin Morgan, Whyte’s friend for over 30 years.

Recent Publications

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Hamish Whyte


Hamish Whyte is known for his highly individual style, at once immediate and unexpected. His three collections have been published by Shoestring Press. Happenstance Press have also published two of Whyte’s pamphlets.