Mariscat Press

Poetry Publications

apple on an orange day (Autolycus Press, 1973)
Felis Domestica: four poems (privately published, 1975)
Rooms (Aquila Press, 1986)
Siva in Lamlash (minimal missive, 1991)
Christmasses (Vennel Press, 1998)
Martial Mottoes (Galdragon Press, 1998) [Translations]
More Martial Mottoes (Galdragon Press, 1999) [Translations]
Five Seasons: 15 haiku (uneven press, 2001)
Sappho Said It (minimal missive, 2002)
Bidie-In: two poems by Diana Hendry and Hamish Whyte (uneven press, 2002)
Green Fire & Bright Hopes: Christmas Poems by Diana Hendry & Hamish Whyte (uneven press, 2005)
window on the garden (Essence Press/Botanic Press, 2006)
Heart to Risk: poems by Diana Hendry & Hamish Whyte (uneven press, 2008)
A Bird in the Hand (Shoestring Press, 2008)
The Unswung Axe (Shoestring Press, forthcoming 2012)
Hannah, Are You Listening? (HappenStance, forthcoming 2013)
Things We Never Knew (Shoestring Press, 2016)

As Editor (Selection)

Scottish Cats (Birlinn, 2015)
Noise and Smoky Breath: an illustrated anthology of Glasgow poems 1900-1983 (Third Eye Centre/Glasgow Libraries, 1983)
The Scottish Cat (Aberdeen University Press, 1987)
McGinn of the Calton: the life and works of Matt McGinn (Glasgow Libraries, 1987)
Felt-Tipped Hosannas: Edwin Morgan at Seventy (Third Eye Centre, 1990) With Susan Stewart
A Glasgow Collection: essays in honour of Joe Fisher (Glasgow Libraries, 1990) With Kevin McCarra
About Edwin Morgan (Edinburgh University Press, 1990). With Robert Crawford
Edwin Morgan, Nothing Not Giving Messages (Polygon, 1990)
The Minister’s Cat (Aberdeen University Press, 1991). Illustrated by Barbara Robertson
Mungo’s Tongues: Glasgow Poems 1630-1990 (Mainstream, 1993)
Quotations (HarperCollins, 1995: Collins Pocket Reference)
A Scottish Feast: an anthology of food and eating (Argyll, 1996) With Catherine Brown
An Arran Anthology (Mercat, 1997)
Unknown Is Best: a celebration of Edwin Morgan at eighty (Mariscat/Scottish Poetry Library, 2000) With Robyn Marsack
Across the Water: Irishness in modern Scottish writing (Argyll, 2000). With James McGonigal and Donny O’Rourke
Back to the Light: new Glasgow poems (Mariscat/Glasgow City Council, 2001) With Donny O’Rourke
Best Scottish Poems of 2004 (Scottish Poetry Library online anthology, 2004)
Poems United: A Commonwealth Anthology (Scottish Poetry Library/Black and White Publishing, 2007)  With Diana Hendry (Shortlisted for the 2008 CLPE Poetry Award)
From Saturn to Glasgow: Fifty Favourite Poems by Edwin Morgan (Carcanet/Scottish Poetry Library, 2008)  With Robyn Marsack
New Writing Scotland 7 - 11 (ASLS, 1989-93) With Edwin Morgan, Janice Galloway and AL Kennedy
New Writing Scotland 20 - 23 (ASLS, 2003-05) With Moira Burgess and Valerie Thornton

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