Mariscat Press

Hamish Whyte’s most recent collection, The Unswung Axe, was published by Shoestring Press in late 2012.

The Unswung Axe features mostly poems from the previous five years: themes include childhood  memories, dreams, family and places (Glasgow, Edinburgh, Rome).

In late 2013 Happenstance Press will publish his pamphlet Hannah, Are You Listening?

Lucky Enough

A spring day by the Water of Leith:

I happened to turn my head in time

To see a heron catch up an eel

And take off, the eel a black wriggle

In its beak: a decisive moment: a haiku.

First thought, a lucky sighting;

Then somehow a wish to rewind, back

Along the path, to notice the heron

Standing in the river, motionless,

Patient, watching the water

And leave it there.

—from The Unswung Axe