Mariscat Press

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A Bird in the Hand is a kind of selected poems which gathers together poems from the previous twenty five years, published in pamphlets, magazines and anthologies, as well as more recent work.

‘[The] collection contains a number of poems so pellucid they don’t call for explication. His subjects are, for the most part, homely: his father, his son taking photographs of shells, a woman reading the tea leaves, his wife asleep, a couple seen behaving oddly on a railway train, a much-missed cat, that sort of thing. There’s nothing portentous or pretentious about him. His poem “Otis”, about that cat, is the best I’ve read on the subject since Hardy’s. Thought is never replaced by rhetoric in these poems.’

Robert Nye, The Scotsman

‘an attractive and diverting collection’

Ian Caws, South

‘Whyte is working within a tradition of approachable experimentalism ..... Dream poems, found poems, list poems, epistolary poems: they’re all included here, but what holds them together is Whyte’s tone of voice. His style is seemingly offhand, avuncular and conversational, but there is a real lyric craft behind the apparent lack of artifice.’

Simon Turner, Horizon Review